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Gambie : Les putchistes seraient passés par le Sénégal, selon le président Yaya Jammeh

Mes chers compatriotes Gambiens,
A 01 heure ce matin, des forces loyales à Lamin Sanneh, disgracié et ancien Commandant des Forces armées, ont envahi la Gambie, à partir du Sénégal avec comme objectif de renverser son gouvernement légitime.

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Gambie : Les putchistes seraient passés par le Sénégal, selon le président Yaya Jammeh
Un groupe d'hommes armés a attaqué le palais présidentiel et le poste militaire de Denton Bridge, avant d'être rapidement repoussés.
Quatre des insurgés ont été tués et quatre autres capturés. Sanneh qui a subi des blessures pourrait être mort dans l'attaque.
Aucun gambien n'est plus affecté que moi, par ce complot odieux perpétré par Sanneh, qui ajoute au péché de trahir un ami, l'ignominie d'une haute trahison.
Soyez assurés que les ennemis du peuple ont été vaincus, et que je vais être de retour de ma visite d'Etat en France immédiatement, afin de superviser l'enquête et de m'assurer que les auteurs de ce complot seront traduits en justice.

Yaya Jammeh

[Al-Haji Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh]url:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Al-Haji-Dr-Yahya-AJJ-Jammeh/124547840330?fref=nf
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My fellow Gambians:

At 1 o'clock this morning, forces loyal to Lamin Sanneh, the disgraced former Commanding Officer of the State Guards, invaded The Gambia from Senegal in an attempt to overthrow its legitimate government. A group of armed men attacked the presidential palace and the Denton bridge military post before being quickly repelled.

Four of the insurgents were killed and four more captured. Sanneh himself sustained injuries and may have died in the attack.

No Gambian feels the aguish of this heinous plot more deeply than I, against whom Sanneh adds the sin of betraying a friend to the ignominy of high treason.

Rest assured that the Enemies of the People have been defeated, and I will be returning from my state visit to France immediately in order to oversee an investigation and ensure that the perpetrators of this plot face stern justice.

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  • Bodo Kabba Bravo to the Gambia Army and long live for President Jammeh .
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    All their fabricated broadcasts and articles this mo
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    we need u we know u intension s let peace spread to da gambia our enemy ,will never propsper
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    [Touray Saho]url:https://www.facebook.com/touray.saho.5?fref=ufi  My God safe our great coutry from every evil act.
  • Pa Sissohor Violence will take us no where.The Gambia is well known for its peace and stability.lets all contribute in our small ways to maintain the good image of our beloved land the Gambia.Allah bless the government of the day,Allah bless the people.
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    [Wilfred Leeroy Kabs-kanu]url:https://www.facebook.com/leeroy.kabskanu?fref=ufi  May God intervene now in the Gambia. We do not need this anywhere in Africa while we are fighting to redeem the continent from its many problems. Violence has never solved our problems in Africa. Let us all pray for God to take control of the situation now and restore peace and stability.
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    [Matou Kujabi]url:https://www.facebook.com/matou.kujabi?fref=ufi  I don't know of others but i like u personally sir, n may Allah bless you
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