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Leral Tv skims the Gambian audiovisual space on channel 28 ( english )

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With a wide coverage of social, economic, political and people information and its series of interviews and reports… Leral Tv now covers nearly 90% of homes in the country with DTT, cable network, IP Tv, or the Internet.

Even in The Gambia, Leral Tv is broadcasting, with his work deemed healthy, the Gambian authorities have granted him entry through Canal 28, the same as that of Dakar, and currently broadcasts all of its programs.

With her ambition for broad, fair and professional coverage and a wide dissemination of information across Senegal, Africa and the Diaspora, Dame Dieng, known for her great discretion and humility, has only said a few words about his impression of this ascent:

"Let us thank GOD and knock on wood, we are only just beginning ... But I especially thank the know-how of the Excaf Telecom Group,the leader, Sidy Diagne and the technical manager Thierry Mancabou as well as Malick Seye", he said

He also confirmed their presence in Gambia and even indicated the way.
To have access to Leral Tv There is DTT Gambia to have the TNT decoder with many channels including Leral TV In this conquest, there is even a celebrity show called "Senegambia"

But in the search and sharing of information, a journal in English and Sosseh is expected very soon

His address: Henden Court Building Bertile, Bertil Harding Hwy, Banjul, Gambia Telephone contact: +220 446 1060

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